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Online Crossword Puzzle #1 (GoFsbx)

Created by: THEAPPLEKING® — Date: 2014.02.07 21:02 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 1.44K — Solved: 7 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

SWEEPSTAKES! AWARDS! Explain the following crossword and a special prize will be yours! The Apple King is a simple FREE word guessing game. This is an online, FREEWARE educational software, a spelling game, an educational game for kids. The Apple King is a fun, friendly online hangman game for kids. Hangman games are a great way for students to practice their spelling words. The software helps children learn, and practice the language is also excellent for adults. It helps in learning letters and words, and...

Online Crossword Puzzle #14 (4LZkbf)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.02.09 22:15 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 1.4K — Solved: 1 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

HOW TO RUN SWEEPSTAKES? Use the Apple King's Online Crossword Puzzle Maker! - 1. Decide what the prize will be. 2. Make a Online Crossword Puzzle! The Secred Word (solution) will be related to the Contest, Sweepstake theme. 3. The description of the crossword contains the main rules of the Game. Determine the duration of the sweepstakes. 4. The secret message (after solution) contains: how to apply for a prize (eg. email address, name, address, etc). 5...


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