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Online Crossword Puzzle #1 (GoFsbx)

Created by: THEAPPLEKING® — Date: 2014.02.07 21:02 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 925 — Solved: 5 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

SWEEPSTAKES! AWARDS! Explain the following crossword and a special prize will be yours! The Apple King is a simple FREE word guessing game. This is an online, FREEWARE educational software, a spelling game, an educational game for kids. The Apple King is a fun, friendly online hangman game for kids. Hangman games are a great way for students to practice their spelling words. The software helps children learn, and practice the language is also excellent for adults. It helps in learning letters and words, and...

Online Crossword Puzzle #127 (QYJrPC)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.09.19 13:16 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 814 — Solved: 3 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

CROSSWORD PUZZLES FOR CHILDREN. Crossword puzzles for children provide a fun way to practice important words. A crossword puzzle is a great learning activity. To solve one, a child must read, follow directions, and spell correctly. Can you complete the puzzle? Do you know what we call a baby rabbit?

Online Crossword Puzzle #49 (W8gF5e)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.03.25 13:13 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 791 — Solved: 2 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

Who Wrote The World's Shortest Short Story? Solve it this Crossword Puzzle and read it the Story!

Online Crossword Puzzle #118 (BoTQgU)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.09.10 17:30 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 803 — Solved: 1 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

Halloween Crossword Puzzle for Kids! Use the picture hints to find out what the word is! If you fill it out just right the Crossword Puzzle, you can read about the Halloween.

Online Crossword Puzzle #25 (dBAsTt)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.02.17 15:39 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 636 — Solved: 1 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

How to make a crossword puzzle for kids? URL: Please enter the solution (main line, secret word) and you're ready for your personal puzzle. Make crossword puzzles, print them out, share them, and solve them online with The Apple King ( It's free, fast and easy. No registration required! You can send the crossword puzzle to your friends and family, but also to share with your social networks. The blank crossword puzzle filled out...

Online Crossword Puzzle #94 (9bmiWN)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.07.24 12:42 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 567 — Solved: 1 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

A poet goes on a date with a lady: - How beautiful the sunset - says the woman. ... The joke continues after you solve the crossword. After solving you can read more plus a joke.

Online Crossword Puzzle #960 (7G1mdC)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2015.12.23 00:11 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 276 — Solved: 1 :: PublicDescriptionSecret message

Fill in all the words then read the message in the yellow boxes. Press the CHECK CROSSWORD button to check you answers. The secret message below will tell you what to do

Online Crossword Puzzle #188 (vyFWFx)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.11.20 09:30 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 341 — Solved: 0 :: PublicDescription

Thread Clue

Online Crossword Puzzle #624 (h2ilca)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2015.07.05 21:45 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 279 — Solved: 0 :: PublicDescription

Solve the clues and fill our the crossword. You can use the notes you already have or go back and ask the guests any necessary questions.

Online Crossword Puzzle #235 (i9du4k)

Created by: Anonymous — Date: 2014.12.21 11:57 — Expired: Never expired
Opened: 272 — Solved: 0 :: PublicDescription

carrytherock driveacar jump fly read dopuzzles rideahorse climbatree takeaphoto playthepiano playtheguitar catch dive cook

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