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Rules of the game :: About The Apple King (The Story)

SUMMARY: The Apple King is a simple FREE word guessing game. This is an online, FREEWARE educational software, a spelling game, an educational game for kids.
The Apple King is a fun, friendly online hangman game for kids. Hangman games are a great way for students to practice their spelling words. The software helps children learn, and practice the language is also excellent for adults. It helps in learning letters and words, and thus indirectly help the learning of reading. This program teaches you to read while playing.

STORY: The end of the summer is here, ripe apples are in the Apple Garden. Everyone loves crisp, fresh apples, but not too easy to get it. Near to the apple tree a little crafty hedgehog trying to steal the apples. He loves apples. The wise owl of the Apple Garden created a game, in which the apples can be fairly divided. The owl and the inhabitants of the area are invent and show you maximum 10 characters long words and pictures. You have to guess these words letter by letter. With every word you get 6 red apples, so you have 6 chances to choose the right letter. If the letter what you say isn't correct, the crafty hedgehog will steal a red apple. But if your answer is correct, and you find out the word before you run out of the red apples, you get a Golden Apple. If you lose all the six red apples, you lose one of your Golden Apple as well. If you collect lots of Golden Apples, you can be on the Top of the list. Hurry up, collect as many apples as it possible! BE THE APPLE KING! (

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fatima (from Kuwait)
with 102 golden apples!
The record was born: October 31, 2015.



Francesca Bosca: The Apple King

Francesca Bosca: The Apple King (2001)

(Illustrated by Giuliano Ferri)
English, Hardcover, 32 pages, Ages 3 and up

Description: Once there was a king who owned a fine apple tree that no one else in the kingdom was allowed to touch. One day something terrible happens-worms invade all the apples on the tree! The king is outraged. He tries everything-bribes, force of arms, magic-to drive the worms away. But the worms refuse to leave. They are there for a purpose, as the king will soon find out. In a story that's as sweet and satisfying as a delicious red apple, a selfish king discovers that pleasure shared is pleasure multiplied.

Available at

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This website / software works with most modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE9+. Technically, it works with any browser that supports Javascript and HTML5. This is a high-quality browser based game, which don’t need Flash, Java or other plugins. We tried our best to allow more people to use this game smoothly. We tested the following operating systems and browsers, and these functioned properly. If possible, please use the recommended softwares to the user experience to be perfect.

Microsoft® Windows™ (XP, 7)

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Demo version vs. Full version

Below you can see what is the difference between Demo and Full Version where the registration is necessary. The table shows the specific features of the game which can easily be compared. Both versions are free, uses sounds, and the counts your Golden Apples. The Full Version contains much more words, and there are many great features available.

FeaturesDemo VersionFull Version
Number of Words15689*
Golden ApplesYESYES
Membership GIFTNOYES
Automatic "Save Game"NOYES
The Apple King PluginNOYES
Crossword Puzzle Making (NEW)YESYES
Grouped Crossword PuzzlesNOYES

(*) Which continuously updated.
(**) Works with most modern browsers.